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Educational Sales
Need a Written Quote or W-9?
Give us a call, email or fax us with the part numbers and quantity you require and we will promptly provide you with the information you need.
Phone: 1-800-329-6506
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 1-888-492-4301

How To Place an Order with a Purchase Order
All public schools are automatically granted Net 30 Day terms. You do NOT need to provide us with any forms other than a valid Purchase Order. There are a few ways for you to make a purchase utilizing a Purchase Order as your payment method:

Method 1 - Phone

Give us a call. You can always place your order over the phone with one of our helpful Sales Partners. We would be happy to speak with you and assist you with your order. We will still need a faxed or emailed copy of your Purchase Order to complete your order.
Method 2 - Fax
Fax your completed Purchase Order to: 1-888-492-4301.
We will enter your order for immediate processing. If you would like an order confirmation emailed to you please include an email address on your purchase order or cover sheet.
Method 3 - Email

Email your Purchase Order to: [email protected]. We will enter your order and email an order confirmation to the sending email unless otherwise specified.
Method 4 - Online
Place your order online. Just add the items you wish to purchase to your cart and Proceed to Checkout. Enter your billing and shipping address information and then scroll down to
"Choose one payment method" and select "Purchase Orders". Enter your Purchase Order number in the field provided and click "Checkout" located at the bottom right of the page. For verification purposes, we will need you to email or fax us a copy of your Purchase Order.

Fax: 1-888-492-4301

Thank you for shopping at The Final Click, we appreciate your business.

Educational Purchasing Program
Thank for visiting our new educational sales program. In an effort to better serve our educational customer we now offer two different solutions to help maximize available discounts to the educational community. While not all of the manufacturers we represent offer specific discounts to educational customers we will do our best to provide any additional discounts that may be available. The other solution we offer is our new "Educational Program Sales" which is described in detail below. As a business partner to the educational community, we strive to offer high value products at the most competitive prices while maintaining our commitment to excellence in service. Please take a moment to review both solutions below to determine which program best suits your specific needs.

Educational Program Sales
To provide the best possible prices to educational institutions, we have negotiated some new opportunities for discounts over and above our already low prices. These opportunities are centered around providing us with estimated purchases of product(s) from each the manufacturers that we represent. These good faith estimates provided to us are just that....Estimates. There are NO penalties for not meeting these estimated quantities. What we ask you and your organization to do is give us a "good faith" estimate based previous years purchase history or upcoming special projects, of the products that you may buy in volume. By volume we mean dollar and unit volume. Some of our products have a lower price points than others thus, we would need more unit volume in order to provide you with additional discounts. Conversely, some of our products are higher priced and will require a lower unit volume in order to maximize your discounts.

Cooperative Buying Power
Another way we can offer additional discounts is through our cooperative buying. While your institution may only need quantity 10 of a particular product we may have another institution that may also need quantity 10 of the same part. In this situation we can negotiate additional discounts from manufacturer's based on a "larger" one time purchase.

These two orders will of course be shipped to different locations and remain completely separate in all aspects other than how we request special pricing based on 20 units instead of two order's of 10 units each. Our privacy policy does not allow us to share specific customer information but what we can share is products part numbers and quantity needed. This type of purchasing does take a little more planning and is not well suited to "immediate need" purchasing but works well when you have a 30+ day window in which you can place order and take delivery. Please contact us for information.

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*Tax collected in MN only. Check with your local jurisdiction regarding tax due for out of state purchases.
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