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VESA Made Easy
What does VESA mean?
VESA®, or the Video Electronics Standard Association, has established a set of guidelines for televisions' mounting hole patterns
measured in millimeters from the centers of the holes, usually in 100mm increments.

Although VESA® is very recognized, its standards voluntary and not mandatory. Manufacturers tend to follow the guidelines, but not universally
(even within a brand of TVs, some may be VESA® compliant but not all).

Here's a chart that shows the dimensions for measuring your TV's hole pattern, as well as some of the most standard VESA®
TV hole patterns:

How to Measure Your TV's Hole Pattern

Measuring your TVs hole pattern can be tricky, especially since the standards are in millimeters instead of inches.

Some things to remember when measuring are:

    Measure from the centers of the holes
    Measure from the furthest 4 corners holes (if there are more than 4 holes)
    Be aware of any curve on the back of the TV that would affect mounting

Below is a quick conversion chart of inches to mm when measuring in inches.  It's difficult to be exact given the fractional
inches but if your close to the measurement your likely to be a VESA standard size.

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